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Colleagues, welcome!

I learn so much from so many of you and believe teachers should collaborate efforts, exchange useful tips and work together to motivate students and teach with the goal of students successfully learning. Below, are some tools I’ve found useful and hope these will be helpful to you as well! Happy teaching!

Teaching creates all other professions.  ~Author Unknown


Bienvenus, collègues!

J’apprends tant de tant parmi vous et je crois que les professeurs devraient collaborer leurs efforts, échanger des astuces utiles et travailler ensemble pour motiver les étudiants et les enseigner ayant le but qu’ils apprennent avec succès. Ci-dessous, sont des outils que j’ai trouvé utiles et dont j’espère vous aussi en trouverez l’utilité. Bon enseignement.

Implementing Learning Styles in the Classroom
Creating an Interactive Syllabus

Some of the many topics of workshops & conferences presented by Rachele DeMeo:
    • Implementing Learning Styles in the Classroom
    • The Learning Curve in Teaching Online
    • Maintaining Good Classroom Management Throughout the Semester
    • Use or Overuse of Technology in Teaching?
    • Creating an Interactive Syllabus
    • Connecting Students to the Subject Taught
    • Engaging the 21st Century Student
    • Connecting Students to the Subject Taught – in and out of the classroom (with Professor Paulino Mendoza)
    • Creative Instructional Classroom Activities (with Professor Margarita Baca, Professor Diane Lopez & Professor Paulino Mendoza)
    • 3 activities to keep your students engaged
    • Creativity in Online Teaching: Videos (with Pilar Hernandez, Paulino Mendoza & Sharzhard Zahedi)
    • Syllabus – A to Z
    • Ways to bring the Real World in the Classroom

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