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What is included in the Online Class?

Real-life conversations with a partner*



*Practice with a partner of your choice or get with a conversation coach

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How does the Online Class work?

The course is organized per lesson.

By following the recommended schedule, you should complete the course within 3-5 months. 

Each lesson includes videos, handouts and practice exercises to learn the language. Culture and l’expression du jour (the expression of the day) are intertwined in each lesson, as well as tips to help you use French daily.

You are also provided with real-life scenarios to practice the language with a partner (of your choice) or a conversation coach*.

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Pricing & membership details

For $99 only you get access to Français I, Français II or Français III for a duration of 6 months. (Special deals for purchasing a packet of several classes is available).

By completing one lesson per week, the course should take 4-5 months to complete.

*The course is non-refundable.

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