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French I, II & III (Prof DeMeo's private online classes)
What is the format of the course?

French I, II & III courses each cost ONLY $99.**

Access to the course is for a duration of 6 months.*

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*The course should take 3-5 months to complete.
**The course costs less than $20/month!
The course is non-refundable.
  1. Access to materials teaching you French (videos, handouts, practice exercises, etc) in a logical way.
  2. Real-life conversations with a partner (ask a friend or family member to learn with you). 
  3. Tools helping you learn and retain French.
  4. Tips throughout the course so you can use French daily.

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French + (Prof DeMeo's private online course to maintain French a lifetime)

For $49 only you get access to French + for a duration of 2 months. 

The course should take 1-1 1/2 months to complete.

The resources you’ll learn will last a lifetime so you never lose your French.

Note: the content in this course may be applied to other languages as well.

*This course is non-refundable.

This course is organized per lesson. Each lesson contains videos, handouts and many, many resources to help you use and maintain your French every single day!

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10% of the proceeds this website makes go directly to a humanitarian organization.

Why take Prof Rachèle DeMéo's course?

Unlike other courses that give you a lot of content (knowledge) with little to no application, native instructor, Prof DeMeo gives the content (in different formats) as well as opportunities to practice and use your French on a daily basis!!! Learn “real” French and not just textbook French. Discover how to use your French every single day and practice!

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