Student Feedback

  • "I truly enjoyed this semester of French because it was full of content I would've never discovered on my own. The instructor for the class was full of ideas, assignments, and fun. I would love for other students to take this course to learn more about the language, the culture, and the history behind it all. I one hundred percent recommend French and Professor Demeo to students at MiraCosta."
  • I found myself enjoying your class greatly, and I believe that I learned a lot from you. I hold a great respect for your teaching methods, your availability to your students, and your willingness to help your students with any problems that we faced.
  • She is one of the most outstanding professors at Palomar. Not only are her lectures full of information, she is a Native speaker and has a lot of insight into the language on a more real life application. I appreciated her class very much and will absolutely be taking again. Would be willing to transfer if she was no longer available on our campus.

  • A wonderful teacher who is very patient, and encouraging which helps a lot when one is learning a foreign language. She provides a massive amount of resources to help you learn, and retain the language, as well as making it very clear as to what is to be expected. demonstrates a strong passion for not only the language, but teaching as well.

  • French 202 was to be a "refresher" course for me and turned out to be so much more. Prof DeMéo is an exceptional teacher. She is passionate about her native language and wants you to succeed. She is professional, available to her students and makes learning fun.

  • Prof Demeo is an awesome teacher. Her classes are awesome. I had her for both 102 and 202 and she is phenomenal. If you want to learn French learn with DeMéo. She will change your life. I feel like I know so much French now than when I first started studying French. Fun Class.

  • Prof DeMeo is an excellent professor. Her focus is on actually learning the language rather than "let's see how much homework I can give you or how well you do on your tests." He classes are super fun with the activities she comes up with. If you really want to be able to SPEAK french and have fun while learning then take her class. She's amazing.

  • Professor DeMeo is a good instructor, she cares about her students more than just turning in work and sitting in class. She personally checks up to make sure everything is alright and often offers help and guidance and that means a lot.
  • I think everything about the course is perfect, and I would not change a thing. I would recommend Professor DeMeo to anyone who wants to learn French. Professor DeMeo is an excellent teacher.
  • "Prof DeMeo is an excellent teacher. I found the youtube videos very helpful, as well as the VHL exercises. This class did an excellent job of helping me learn French. Merci Prof DeMeo!"
  • "This is a great Professor she cares about students and how they succeed."
  • "I liked everything about the course. I liked that there was many ways to gain the information based on the way you learn best."
  • "Prof. is obviously really trying to help students learn French language through a hard resource (online.) She does a great job as an online teacher and makes students feel comfortable about contacting her via email."
  • "I can’t thank you enough for everything during the semester. I’ve loved the class and all of the videos and handouts. I know I will use them after the semester is over. "
  • "high level teacher"
  • "You are an amazing teacher and you made me love this language even more."
  • "What I liked the most is the interaction between the professor and the students (us) this helps me and everyone understand French faster and in a fun way."
  • "Great course! Very well organized."
  • "I really enjoy the way Prof DeMeo teaches, she is really fun and gives great examples so you can understand her. She also seems really helpful, if I have trouble understanding, I know she would help me. I enjoyed the game we played the most, because we were having fun, but also learning."
  • "I love the interactivity between students and the professor!"
  • "Love the activities! very interesting and different, you can tell Prof spent a great amount of time tuning the lesson to be fun and light."
  • "She's very involved and had tons of fun activities and games to help us learn. I can tell she puts a lot of effort outside of class in preparing for activities in class."
  • "Professor DeMéo was such a great instructor, she is very kind, understanding, and patient. She does an excellent job of making the students comfortable with learning a new language."
  • "There's no one who has prepared as much information on any subject as the professor for this course."
  • "I liked seeing how much my instructor valued this class and tried to make it a good place for everyone."
  • "Mme DeMeo has been the most professional, courteous, and inventive language teacher I've had. I appreciate her efforts to change the general language teaching and understanding and appreciation of culture."
  • "Very helpful on anything. Lots of ideas. Very creative."
  • "She gives us outside resources to help us learn more."
  • "Great professor! She made French 201 fun. Instructor gives great resources and activities that contribute to everyday and course."
  • "She is a great and energetic teacher that really cares about her students and their success."
  • "I enjoy learning how to speak and spell French. The fact that the instructor is from France really helps me want to learn French more. Rachèle est la plus cool prof du monde!!!!!"
  • "What I find extremely grateful for, is her passion to make sure each student is comfortable with their learning style to ensure they are confident in this course. She also lays out other material outside of the classroom that matches out our personal interests to get us more comfortable with the course."
  • "Instructor takes time to explain subject with each individual student. Encourages and gives outside resources so students can apply and learn more about the course."
  • "It inspires you to really learn the language. Prof DeMéo is amazing."
  • "She’s awesome! Everyone should take her!"
  • "Your class is so much fun it doesn't feel like work."
  • "Prof DeMeo put in more effort and attention to my education and wellbeing than any other professor I’ve had before."
  • "Prof DeMéo works harder than any teacher I have seen to provide a complete understanding of the material."
  • "Prof DeMeo is very dedicated to and invested in the success of her students. She makes every effort to work with each students as individuals."
  • "Professor DeMeo is the only professor I have had who accommodates to each and every learning style and takes time to help you completely understand. This course, and all courses she teaches, is fantastic."
  • "I really like that Prof DeMeo includes a lot of cultural references that are not included in our textbook. She’s preparing us for real-world experiences and I really appreciate her passion for teaching. Another thing I really like is her attentiveness to different learning styles. You definitely don’t see that with every professor but she does a great job and I think she should train others to teach similarly."
    • "Professor DeMéo is one of my favorite professors. She is kind, smart and really cares about each individual student. I would not have continued on with French if she hadn’t been my teacher… The course is really well laid out to ensure a logical and easy way to learn French."
  • "I really enjoy the way Prof DeMeo teaches, she is really fun and gives great examples so you can understand her. She also seems really helpful. If I have trouble understanding, I know she would help me. I enjoyed the game we played the most, because were were having fun, but also learning."

  • "Love the activities! Very interesting and different, you can tell Prof spent a great amount of time tuning the lesson to be fun and light."

Additional Feedback:

Thanks for your wonderful website.  La prochaine fois, je vais écrire en français.
-Anne (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


Votre chaine youtube est SUPERBE !!!! MErci enfinement!

-Evgeni (Bulgaria)


Greetings from India, Your videos on youtube are just so great. I had my french exam yesterday and it went well because I saw so many french lessons of you given on youtube. I had so much confusion in objet indirects but it was clear to me when I saw your video of it.
-Manav (India)
really enjoy these vids mate helping with my daily study as well as my classes Cheers all the way from Vanuatu
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